Hip-Hop Rumors: The Fight Deal is REAL! Will Drake Accept $1-9 Milli To Fight Chris Brown?

Posted: July 9, 2012 in MUSIC NEWS


JBLENDZ (Chicago) – Really? This beef has gone to a new level! In today’s society, someone can take a situation and make money from another persons success or hardship without regard of ethics. Ask yourself…Should this event take place and will it end the beef? Do you care? If you answered “No” to any or all of these questions then here’s a reality check. Someone does want this event to happen, the beef will continue, and there are people willing to pay for this type of entertainment (SEE WWF). Like it or not, ethics around the world are deteriorating and money is at the root of it. I live in Chicago where violent crimes are on the rise so it baffles me when I read about billionaires willing to promote and make more money off this beef instead of using their resources for projects that promote ethics and conflict resolution.

Originally posted on AllHipHop:

Well, there has been a lot of talk about this offer with Chris Brown and Drake and whether or not its real. Well, we can officially end that speculation. Billionaire Alki Davi and Damon Feldman, a boxing promoter, have been pushing this deal heavy. I didn’t think it was real until I spoke to somebody on the team who spoke to the right people over there and its REAL. Now, it seems like Chris Brown is down. Did you read Sydney’s report? CHECK IT OUT!

If, they accept, the worse they can get is $1 million and a shot at $9 million for the winner! Check out the video below!

I personally don’t see why they wouldn’t take this deal. Well, if somebody has no hand skills, then I get it. Anytime there is a milli on the line, I think its a worthy risk. Get in the gym with…

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